Reviews and things

Well it’s been a busy two weeks.

LOTS of teaching happening, which means lots of writing. I am now three songs into the musical that I am writing with 13 autistic children. It’s going really well. I CAN”T wait to see the finished product.

I just finished a show called GOLDEN GOOSE that I wrote for the Brooklyn Childrens Theatre. That starts rehearsals next week.

I was offered a job teaching this summer for the month of JULY at  Berklee Carol School in Brooklyn, and I am very excited about that.

I got a glowing review in NEXT magazine for my album “Cautiously Optimistic”. So that makes me happy.

I find out next week if I am nominated for any MAC awards. I was submitted for best ballad, best comedy song, best revue and best album. I would be so honored to be nominated in any of those categories. I finished the lyrics to a new song called I CAN BE that I was commissioned to write for a woman in Huntsville Alabama. I can’t wait to put music to it and see what it becomes. Lastly, we finished the choral arrangements for READY TO FLY which will be sung by Lee High School this May for their graduation ceremony. All in all, a busy few weeks!

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