Two interview weekend!

This is going to be an exciting weekend for me. Since I released my album, I haven’t been interviewed yet….but this weekend I will be interviewed by Lena Nobuhara from Cabaret Confessions in Australia tomorrow night at 6;30…I will post when the interview will be posted. Then, bright and early on Sunday morning, I will be interviewed by Kenneth Heiber ¬†for ONE VOICE, based out of South Africa with over 10,000 listeners per episode. It will be an hour long interview, where he will play my music as well as talk to me about my story and, I’m sure, a multitude of other things. He sounds like a wonderful guy so I think it will be fun. I will have to wake up much earlier than 9, so that I can get coffee in me, to be able to coherently speak to anyone. Ha.

Well, that’s it for this weekend. I’m grateful.

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